The proposed 70-storey Adventz Tower is a vision for residential living in the Gulf region. Each unit is designed to provide a sustainable environment and integrated lifestyle that welcomes owners into their private quarters.

Landscape architecture is an integral part of the design. On arrival, hanging gardens projected off the podium set the language on the facade. The ground floor features high glass panels with views onto gardens in a well-defined private area.

There are four units on each floor, comprising duplexes and single-storey residences. Each unit is accessed by a private lobby. The typical floor plan arrangement allows for an efficient structural core and vertical transportation system. Maintaining the core structure as a vertical element through 70 storeys requires only three outriggers on each side. This allows for flexible planning of walls and the glazing envelope.

Outdoor living

Another prominent feature on the facade is the cantilevered terraces, a bold statement that emphasises outdoor living. Each terrace serves as an extension to the living and dining spaces, inviting residents to step out and take in the amazing views. The prime location features views of the Burj Khalifa to the north, and the Creek to the south. The terraces are designed with a pool and are zoned for different uses to meet the needs of Dubai’s multi-cultural residential market. Large overhangs provide a shaded zone, while the landscape and water elements contribute to cooling. The overhangs shade the large panels of glazing, ensuring an energy-efficient cooling system within.

The tower has two amenity decks. Designed as double-height spaces, the 22nd floor features games and entertainment rooms surrounded by landscaped gardens. The 44th floor provides an infinity pool that takes advantage of the sunset views towards the Burj Khalifa. The greenery on these decks will be visible from afar. Together with the rooftop garden feature, the architecture of the proposed tower sets a new direction for residential design in Dubai.