The first lot calls for the construction of five pumping stations at Shubaishi with a 3,060-cubic-metre-an-hour pumping capacity and associated works. The package also includes construction of a 70-kilometre-long, 1.6-metre-diameter water pipeline linking Shubaishi with Al-Ain South West.

The second lot will see construction of a pumping station with the same specifications at Al-Ain South West. A 50-kilometre-long, 1.6-metre-diameter water pipeline to connect Al-Ain South West with Um Ghafa is also included in the lot along with the construction of a 50 million-gallon reservoir at Um Ghafa and a 10 million-gallon reservoir at Al-Ain South West.

The project is scheduled to take 24 months to complete. Penspen Internationaland Hyder Consulting, both of the UK, are acting as consultants on the scheme.

The bid deadline for the contract to build the transmission network between Mussafah and Shubaishi has been extended to 7 November. About seven companies have been invited to submit joint financial and technical bids for the construction of a 56-kilometre-long water pipeline with a diameter of 1.6 metres and associated works.

ADWEA is evaluating technical bids on two other water projects. Nine companies have submitted bids to build the 28-kilometre-long, 1.2-metre-diameter pipeline between Mussafah and Wadba: an award is due in early November. ADWEA is also expected to award at about the same time the project to build a 70-kilometre pipeline between Jebel Dhanna and Delma (MEED 1:8:04).