Local and international contractors are preparing to submit bids for three major water conveyance contracts in Abu Dhabi. The contracts, totalling at least $300 million, are being tendered by Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA).

About seven companies have been invited to submit joint financial and technical bids by 29 September for an estimated $100 million transmission scheme between Musaffah and Shubaishi. The project calls for the construction of a 59-kilometre-long water pipeline with a diameter of 1.6 metres. Associated works include the construction at Musaffah of a pumping station, three 10 million-cubic-metre-capacity carbon steel storage tanks and a 10 million-cubic-metre reinforced concrete storage tank.

The scheme is the first phase of the planned Musaffah-Al-Ain South West water transmission project. ADWEA is drawing up tender documents for the second and third-phase contracts to link Shubaishi with Al-Ain South West and Al-Ain South West to Al-Refaa, with a tender due to be issued by mid-October.

The second, larger contract calls for the construction of a 28-kilometre-long, 1.2-metre-diameter pipeline between Musaffah and Al-Wadba pumping stations. Thirteen companies have been invited to submit bids by 13 September for the contract, which also calls for the installation of associated supply pumps and storage tanks. The UK’s PenspenInternationalis the consultant on both projects.

Prequalified contractors are also preparing to submit bids by the revised deadline of 6 September for a contract to build a pipeline from Jebel Dhanna to Delma via Sir Baniyas island. At least 15 companies have been invited to bid for the contract.

The contract involves the installation of 34.5 kilometres of onshore pipeline and 34 kilometres of offshore pipeline. The pipeline will carry water produced from the Shuweihat independent water and power project (IWPP). The consultant is Italy’s Italconsult.