Ahmad Awad al-Jihayem

Company: Al-Jazera Consultants
Position: Managing director

Biography: Ahmad al-Jihayem is the managing director and founder of the Kuwaiti architecture and consultancy firm Al-Jazera Consulants.

He graduated in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Montana State University in the US. In 1969, he took up a position as an architect and planner for Kuwait Municipality. In 1971, Al-Jihayem studied for a post-graduate diploma in town and regional planning from the Szczecin Technical University in Poland.

He also received a diploma in physical and regional planning from the Kuwait Institute of Economic and Social Planning in 1972. Al-Jihayem later became managing director of the building department of the Kuwait Municipality.

Between 1976-78, he worked as a director and partner for Middle East Consultants in Kuwait. In 1978, Al-Jihayem set up Al-Jazera Consultants.

Contact: (+965) 2243 1110
Company website: www.aljazeraconslts.com