Ahmed Hyasat

Company: National Electric Power Company (Nepco)
Position: Director general

Biography: Ahmed Hyasat has been working for the state electricity sector for his entire career, first at the Jordan Electricity Authority (JEA) from 1976, and then for Nepco, when the JEA was split into three companies in 1999.

He was manager of JEA’s international department from 1988-1997, and then assistant managing director for technology and technical affairs until November 2002, when he became director general. As head of Nepco, Hyasat is responsible for the maintenance and development of the country’s substations and transmission lines.

Hyasat is also in charge of power purchase agreements between generators and distributors, and manages the exchange of electricity with both Egypt and Syria. Hyasat has a doctorate in electrical engineering from the Moscow Power Institute and is deputy chairman of Irbid District Electricity Company.

Contact: (+9626) 5818 230
Website: www.nepco.com.jo