Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri says he will return to Lebanon to formally submit his resignation.

Al-Hariri said in an interview with Future TV on 12 November from Riyadh that he will return to Lebanon within days. “I have resigned. I am going to Lebanon very soon and I will resign in the constitutional manner,” he said.

Al-Hariri resigned during a televised speech from Riyadh on 4 November, citing alleged threats to his life as the reason for his resignation. He also accused Lebanon’s Iran-aligned militant group Hezbollah of destabilising the region.

President Michel Aoun has said he will not accept Al-Hariri’s resignation until he returns to Beirut, and has suggested that words attributed to the premier should be treated with caution.

Adding to the tensions over Lebanon, the Saudi embassy in Lebanon has issued a statement urging Saudi citizens to leave Lebanon as soon as possible.

The UAE has also reiterated its call for UAE citizens to avoid travelling to Lebanon.

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