The local Al-Matar Trading & Contractingis low bidder at RO 56.7 million ($145.3 million) for the contract to install a water transmission system linking Sohar port to service reservoirs in the Al-Batinah and Al-Dhahirah regions. Eight companies priced the work.

Al-Matar’s bid was 5.8 per cent lower than the second lowest offer, submitted by Erko Constructionof Turkey. The 20-month turnkey contract calls for the construction of a product water reservoir and forward pumping station at Sohar, service reservoirs in seven wilayats and pipelines and pumping stations along the route.

Nine companies submitted bids in mid-August for the 28-month consultancy contract on the project, for which Egypt’s Ahmed Abdul Warith Consulting Engineersis low bidder at RO 318,000 ($837,000). The Ministry of Housing, Electricity & Water is the client (MEED 25:6:04).