Albert Le Dirach

Company: Societe Generale Maroc
Position: President

Biography: Albert Le Dirach is president of the executive board of Societe Generale Maroc and has worked at the French bank for almost his whole career. Having trained at the Rennes School of Business in France, he initially joined Groupe des Assurances Nationales in 1979, but moved to Societe Generale the following year, joining the internal audit unit.

After seven years, he switched to the capital markets division, before serving for a period in human resources. Le Dirach gained experience of wealth management while he was heading up Societe Generale’s private banking subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Belgium. In 2008, he took over as head of Societe Generale Maroc.

The bank has been operating in Morocco for about 98 years and now has 340 branches and operations across a wide range of market sectors. Societe Generale Maroc’s lending last year grew by 8.5 per cent.

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