Ammar Mabrouk el-Tayef

Position: Secretary General of Tourism & Antiquities, Libya

Biography: Ammar Mabrouk el-Tayef graduated from university with a law degree in 1975.

He spent several years working as a judge before moving into the media sector, where he worked in TV and print journalism. He chaired the Secretariat for Monitoring & Inspection of the Public Administration for 10 years and was appointed deputy secretary in charge of service affairs in September 2001.

Tourism is a key area of investment for Libya, and El-Tayef has identified infrastructure investment in airports, roads and hotels as the priority for the next decade. The country is aiming to boost visitor numbers to about 5 million by 2015 from around 40,000 last year. There are plans to increase the number of hotel beds in the country from 2,000 to 100,000 by 2020.

The government has also amended legislation to make it easier for visitors to gain access to the country.

Contact: (+218) 333 6452