Subscriber Reports:

Flexi Report

A custom report, enabling you to select several criteria, data items and refine the search further by using a keyword to generate a user specific list of projects. You can download up to 10 additional fields to conduct in-depth analysis. The output is available in excel format.

Market Forecast

Demonstrates the budgeted versus awarded project values for the specified time period, country and/or sector. 

This report demonstrates how much work is scheduled at a particular point in time. When combined with the Award Workload, a complete picture of current and future work in the region can be obtained. You can also download underlying data into Excel.

Execution Schedule

Demonstrates the volume of project work ongoing at a specified time period. Generate custom-made Analysis for projects under execution by country, sector, date and contract value range. You can filter by Project Owner or EPC Contractor, Company Name and Technology Provider. You can also download data into Excel.

Fields generated are: Country, Project Name EPC, Contractor Project, Owner Technology, Provider, Budget Value, Contract Value and Execution Timeline.

Award Schedule

Demonstrates the volume of projects being awarded at a given time period. This report generates a list of projects within the selected country and sector for a specific EPC Contractor or Project Owner. You can also download data into Excel.

Fields generated are: Country, Project Name and Award by Quarter

Award Workload

Demonstrates the awarded workload volumes and valuesof the selected EPC Contractor and/or region, country and/or sector over a specific time period.  The output also includes a list of projects that the specified EPC contractor is working on according to the time period chosen.  The data is generated in both a bar-graph and in excel showing the projects which make up the output for further analysis.

Fields generated are: Country, Project Name, Company, Sector, Project Status Profile Status Contract, Value Award, Date, Completion Date

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