Andre Went

Company: Qatar Exchange
Position: CEO

Biography: Andre Went was appointed CEO of the Qatar Exchange in July 2009.

The two shareholders of the exchange are state-owned Qatar Holding and the US’ NYSE Euronext.

Prior to joining the bourse, Went served as the European managing director of data solutions for NYSE Euronext, based in Amsterdam. In late 2008, he was instru-mental in launching Euronext’s Trade Check application, which allows electronic traders to check asset prices across a range of exchanges and other trading platforms.

Went has more than 20 years’ stock exchange experience in various positions at NYSE Euronext, including being responsible for the management of the market data and business index of the exchange from 2005.

He served as its director of strategy and market development in the 1990s and co-led the introduction of a new trading system for Euronext Amsterdam.  

Contact: (+974) 433 3101
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