The Arab Bank Group reported a 19 per cent rise in 1995 net profits to $168 million. The total balance sheet grew to $22,900 million from $20,500 million in 1994, according to figures released by the bank.

Shareholders’ equity was $1,268 million up 7.4 per cent from 1994. Return on shareholders’ equity rose to 13.3 per cent from 12 per cent. Customer deposits rose 8. 1 per cent to $8,800 million. Return on assets rose to 1.2 per cent in 1995 from 1 per cent The group’s loan portfolio grew 18.9 per cent to $6,100 million and its risk-weighted capital adequacy ratio improved to 14.64 per cent from 13.65 per cent. The liquidity ratio was unchanged at 48.5 per cent.

Arab Bank Group, established in Jerusalem in 1930, now has over 300 branches worldwide. It bank opened six new offices in Jordan in 1995 as well as branches in Malta, Cyprus and Cairo, and it now has 11 in the West Bank and Gaza