Package 1 will cover 56-inch-diameter, 78-kilometre-long and 60-inch, 142-kilometre pipelines, while the second package will be for a 8-36-inch, 500-kilometre pipeline. Package 3 will entail the installation of 60-inch, 120-kilometre, 42-inch, 40-kilometre and 16-inch, 20-kilometre pipelines. Packages 1 and 2 will be for new crude oil processing installations planned at Khurais, while the third package will serve facilities at Ghawar.

A tender for the contract is due to be issued by late 2005, with the facilities due to be installed by June 2008. The contract will be tendered on the converted lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) model with a bid target price and fee.

A group of US-based Jacobs Engineering, Canada’s SNC Lavalinand Saudi Consulting Services (SaudConsult)is the project management consultant (PMC).

The $11,000 million Khurais crude increment programme centres on the construction of gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs), gas processing facilities and seawater treatment plants at Khurais and Qurayyah. About 22 companies submitted prequalifications in early October for the five main construction packages. Tenders are due to be issued by late 2006.