Ashti Hawrami

Position: Natural resources minister, Kurdistan Regional Government

Biography: Ashti Hawrami was appointed natural resources minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government in 2006 and was reappointed in October 2009 following parliamentary elections. Hawrami has negotiated the signing of more than 35 production-sharing agreements to the ire of the federal authorities in Baghdad, which insist they have the sole right to sign oil contracts in Iraq.

Before joining the cabinet, Hawrami was chairman and chief executive officer of his own company, Exploration Consultants from 1999. Hawrami began his career in 1971 as an engineer at Iraq National Oil Company in Basra.

In 1974, he moved to the North Sea to work for the UK’s BP, where he remained until 1982. Hawrami graduated with a degree in oil engineering from Baghdad University in 1971. He also has a doctorate in reserve oil engineering.

Contact Tel: (+964) 6 6220 0600