Atta Abd Raboh el-Sherbiny

Company: Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels
Position: Chairman

Biography: Atta Abd Raboh el-Sherbiny took up his current position as chairman of Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels in July 2007.

Prior to this, he was head of the electro-mechanical division at the authority. El-Sherbiny graduated from the faculty of engineering at Cairo University in 1976, with a bachelor of science degree in electrical power engineering. In addition to his work at the authority, he sits on a number of boards and committees, including the Transport Projects Planning Authority and the Egyptian Company for Tunnels and Transportation Projects.

In his current position, El-Sherbiny is responsible for the operation of Cairo Metro’s Lines 1 and 2. The National Authority for Tunnels will be responsible for the operation of a planned new line.

Contractors are expected to be invited to bid on the construction contract for the first part of Line 3 in October 2010.

Contact: (+202) 2574 5802
Company website: