The plan will be implemented in three phases and centres on the construction of some 125,000 square metres of new facilities for the university. In the first phase of development, new additions to the 125-year-old campus will include a sports centre with a 300-seat auditorium, a business school and a 650-space car park. The early stages of the masterplan also provide for the renovation of the engineering faculty and parts of the AUB medical centre. The second phase involves the construction of new housing for students and improvements to the campus grounds and pedestrian walkways.

The final phase of the programme will focus on the construction of new storage facilities, classrooms and laboratories. Long-term rehabilitation projects include the upgrade of the university’s water supply and storage systems and independent power plant. The 73-acre campus, which stretches along a kilometre of coastline in Ras Beirut, contains over 50 buildings housing a total of 445 full-time faculty and medical staff and some 5,200 students. Much of the basic infrastructure of the university fell into disrepair during Lebanon’s 15-year civil war. A fund has been set up to take donations from investors planning to support the rehabilitation programme.