The Arar tender will call for the addition of four new indoor, simple cycle 25-30-MW combustion gas turbines burning distillate fuel oil, complete with all necessary systems. The existing capacity comprises six 17-MW units. In addition, the contract will include the interconnection of Arar plant with the Al-Jouf power system through the installation of new 132-kV substations at Arar and Markaz Zallum.

The expansion of Rafah plant will be smaller, involving the addition of two similar gas turbines with a capacity of 25-30 MW each, and a provision to install one more unit at a later date. A 33-kV substation will be installed at Rafah. The PP3 expansion will involve the addition of eight turbines, each with a capacity of 50-80 MW. Companies submitted prequalification documents to SEC for the PP3 expansion on 29 June.