Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has issued a royal decree ordering that a three-month state of emergency be lifted on 1 June.

The State of National Safety, which was imposed on 15 March, will end earlier than the initial three-month period it was put in place for. The move is a sign that the government is confident that it has quelled domestic unrest, which resulted in it calling for assistance from Saudi Arabian and UAE security forces.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid al-Khalifa also put a message on his Twitter page saying that elections would follow the end of the emergency rule and that opposition group Al-Wefaq, which resigned from its 18 seats in parliament after a violent response to opposition protests in February, would be free to take part.

The government is also set to try 21 people in a military court for allegedly trying to organise a “terrorist group” and trying to overthrow the ruling Al-Khalifa monarchy.