Bahrain’s Public Works Ministry says it plans to issue a request for qualification by the end of June to upgrade or extend the Tubli wastewater treatment plant.

However, sources close to the project say a request for qualification may be delayed until the third or fourth quarter, because the ministry first needs to award a contract for another wastewater treatment facility, at Muharraq.

The Tubli plant currently treats effluent from about 600,000 people and is far exceeding its 200,000 cubic-metre-a-day (cm/d) design capacity, with flows peaking at 322,000 cm/d.

The structure of the Tubli deal is expected to follow that of the Muharraq deal. This means firms prequalified for Muharraq automatically prequalified for the Tubli tender.

The Public Works Ministry has mandated the UK’s HSBC as financial consultant, Germany’s Fichtner as technical adviser and the UK’s Norton Rose as legal adviser for both projects.