Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry has extended the deadline for bids to build the SR22bn ($6bn) network of security compounds throughout the kingdom. Contractors now have until 24 August to submit bids for one of the ministry’s largest-ever construction tenders.

Firms expressing interest:

  • Al-Arrab Contracting Company
  • Alfanar Construction Company
  • Al-Khodari Sons Company
  • Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company
  • Al-Redwan Trading & Engineering Company
  • El-Seif Engineering Contracting
  • Nesma & Partners Company
  • Saudi Binladin Group
  • Saudi Oger

Source: MEED

The original bid deadline was 26 July, but this has been extended as the result of widespread appeals for the ministry to allow more time to prepare the highly complex bids, say contractors bidding on the scheme.

The contract covers the construction, operation and maintenance of 28 different types of facilities to be built at 41 locations throughout the country.

The facilities will be used to house, educate and train members of Saudi Arabia’s public security, civil defence service, fire service, police force, passports division and special security and investigative forces.

The compounds have been designed to include schools, mosques, theatres, civilian dormitories, military barracks, administration buildings, training facilities and buildings for recreation and entertainment.

The majority of the security premises will be built in and around Riyadh, but facilities will also be built in the provinces of Qassim, Hail, Tabuk, Jeddah, Madinah, Taif, Al-Jouf and on Saudi Arabia’s Northern borders.

During a pre-bid meeting held in the second quarter of 2010 the ministry asked contractors to bid on the contract in its entirety, but said that it would consider dividing the contracts and making awards to several different contractors or consortiums.

At present the contract is only open to local companies, but the size and scope of the contract would make it difficult for a single firm or consortium to complete in its entirety.

The tender for the security compounds is one of two billion-dollar tenders issued by the Interior Ministry within weeks of each other.

On 9 July, the ministry invited contractors to bid for an estimated SR5bn contract to build a network of 15 call centres throughout the country. Contractors have until 25 September to bid for the contract to build the call centres (MEED 9:7:10).