The successful bidder will undertake final designs, supply and construction. The ministry is intending to award a single contract covering the transfer stations compost plant and landfill site. The details of each of the elements are as follows:

transfer stations.Five are to be built, of which three will be erected close to Doha and the remaining two in the north and south of Qatar. The two largest facilities will have compaction systems and each will be capable of handling 400 tonnes a day of domestic waste. Collection vehicles will unload rubbish at the stations, which will then be transferred into vehicles bound for the compost plant and landfill site. The package will take 10 months to complete;

compost plant.To be located at the landfill site, the compost plant will have a recycling unit of 1,000 tonnes a day (t/d) and a 500-t/d composting unit. The package will take 15 months to complete;

landfill site.The site will be capable of handling 400 t/d of domestic waste and will include base sealing, drainage, water collection, surface cover and landfill gas systems. The site will be the first element to be built by the contractor on the project and will take 10 months.

Germany’s Awiplanundertook the feasibility study, preliminary designs and preparation of tender documents for the project.