Seven teams, led by financial advisers and including technical and legal advisers, submitted bids for the IWPP mandate. The project involves the selected developer acquiring the 687.5-MW Rusayl plant and adding about 450 MW of generation and 20 million gallons a day (g/d) of desalination capacity to the Barka plant. A team led by ABN Amrois low bidder for the contract, but it is understood that technical qualifications will carry a strong weighting.

Six companies bid for the financial advisory mandate for the Sharqiyah IWP, which will have capacity of 10 million-15 million g/d and will use reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

The client on both mandates is the Ministry of National Economy.

The Rusayl plant will be the first government power facility to be sold off since the promulgation in July of the sector law decreeing that all state generation, transmission and distribution assets should be divested and all future projects should be privately implemented (MEED 10:9:04).