Bin Baker’s quote was 1.3 per cent cheaper than the next lowest bid, from the local Al-Matar Trading & Contracting. Five other companies priced the contract, which calls for: construction of water storage tanks at Al-Kamil, Ibra, Al-Qabil and Budiyan; a water transmission pipeline from source works in Al-Kamil; and up to 15 tanker points along the route, six of them optional.

The scope of works also includes construction of a ground level tank at Mudayrib Jebel and, provisionally, two more at Maatared Jebel and Adh Dharir Jebel. The existing well field at Al-Kamil is also to be expanded.

The initial pumping capacity of the scheme will meet estimated potable water requirements up to 2015, but the transmission system is designed to have capacity to cater to water needs up to 2030. It is part of a wider programme to supply desalinated water from a new plant planned at Sur to the entire Al-Sharqiyah region.