The Basra contract is the second major refinery upgrade tender issued. At the Doora refinery, bidding is under way for the replacement of a 10,000-b/d reformer unit and a 13,000-b/d diesel hydro-desulphurisation unit. The client, the Midland Refinery Company, has recently extended the bid deadline by a month to 15 December for the contract. The extension will give prospective bidders time to review a study on the project, which is being prepared by US licensor UOP(MEED 3:10:03).

The prospective bidders for the Doora contract are Paris-based Technip, Foster Wheeler, Kellogg Brown & Rootand P arsons International, all of the US, Sharjah-based Petrofac International, Italy’s Snamprogetti, South Korea’s SK Engineering & Constructionand Germany’s Uhde.

Doora, which produces about 80,000 b/d of mostly middle distillates for the domestic market, is located close to Baghdad.