The first three packages cover the supply of uncoated steel pipe of various diameters ranging from 6-60 inches. They are:Package 1: 378.6 kilometres of pipe covering sections A1 (Shuqaiq-Abha-Al-Wadain), and A5-1 (Abha-Sabt al-Alayah);Package 2: 202.5 kilometres covering section A4 (Ukad-Samta);Package 3: 323.2 kilometres covering sections A2 (Rijal al-Ma) branch line, A3 (Shuqaiq-Al-Birk), A5-2 (Abha-Sabt al-Alayah), and A6 (Al-Wadain-Dhahran al-Janoub). Packages four-six cover the installation of the pipe, together with the construction of pumping stations, storage tanks and reservoirs. They are:Package 4: installation of sections A1 and A2; construction of one main pumping station at Shuqaiq, three intermediate pumping stations, a reservoir at Abha, and three steel tanks; and installation of a supervisory control & data acquisition (Scada) system;Package 5: installation of sections A3 and A4, together with associated terminals, reservoirs, and filling stations;Package 6: installation of sections A5-1, A5-2, and A6, together with associated terminals, reservoirs, and filling stations.

The consultant is Germany’s ILF Consulting Engineers.