Lebanon’s Council for Development & Reconstruction has invited bids to design, construct and operate two wastewater treatment plants in Nabaa Es Safa and Barouk.

The chosen company will operate the projects for two years post-construction. The Nabaa Es Safa plant will serve Ain Zhalta, Nabaa Es Safa, Aazzounieh and Ain Dara, while the Barouk plant will serve Barouk and Fraidis.

The Council has also invited bids for the construction of wastewater networks and pumping stations to support the treatment plants. Stations are to be built at Barouk, Fraidis, Ain Zhalta, Nabaa Es Safa, Aazzounieh and Ain Dara.

Contractors have until 6 January 2011 to respond to build the wastewater treatment plants and the deadline for the networks and pumping stations is 22 December 2010.

The projects are partially funded by the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development.