Bids for the package are made up of a dollar component and a local currency element. The Allam Sons/CCC group quoted £E 109.9 million ($23.7 million). It was followed by Orascom Construction Industrieswith Besixof Belgium and SAEof France at £E 111.9 million ($24.2 million).

Technical bids have also been opened for the power plant’s switchgear package. Three companies, Alstomand the Schneider Group, both of France, and ABBof Europe, are participating. Financial proposals from the three will be opened in July. International bids for the water treatment station will be opened in mid June.

The project, which is being financed by loans totalling $193 million from three development agencies, is being carried out by the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company and affiliates Cairo Electricity Production Companyand Cairo Electricity Transmission Company. The project consultant is the US/local Power Generation Engineering & Services Company (PGESCo).