The local Sedco General Contracting with Dragon and ESI, both of the US,has submitted a low bid of AED 109 million ($30 million) for package 1. Seven companies priced the package.

Package 1 involves the construction of two landfill sites for solid and hazardous waste disposal at Al-Dhafra, redemption and closure of the existing facility and the establishment of a tyre-shredding plant. The new landfills, to be built over over 224,060 square metres, will have a single composite lining system for the solid waste and a double lining for hazardous waste.

For package 2, the local Al-Khaleej Company for Waste Managementhas submitted a low bid at AED 125 million ($34 million). Six companies submitted bids for the contract. Package 2 calls for the construction of a hazardous liquid waste treatment unit, a solid waste management centre and two transfer stations at Mafraq. The 250,000-litre-a-day liquid hazardous plant will incorporate a solidification unit, a waste incinerator and a drum/container processing facility.

The consultant is the US/local Globex/Citiconsult. The construction period will be about 18 months for the landfills and 24-30 months for the recycling unit and compost plant.