The first contract is for the supply and installation of two 132/33/11-kV substations at Abdalli A and Raqta near the Iraqi border.

Companies priced the 16-month contract by the mid-September deadline, with South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company submitting a low bid of KD 9.8 million ($32 million). Its offer is followed by Toshiba Mitsubishi Transmission & Distribution Corporation (TM T&D), a Japanese team of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Toshiba Electric Corporation, bidding KD 10.6 million ($35 million).

For the second contract, four companies submitted bids by the 21 September deadline. TM T&D offered a low price of KD 9.9 million ($33 million), some 24 per cent cheaper than the next offer of KD 12.3 million ($41 million) submitted by Transelektro of Hungary.

The project calls for the supply and installation of three 132/11-kV substations at Ahmed al-Fahed C and D and Khalidiya and the extension of an existing 132/11-kV substation at Ahmadi A. The facilities will take 14 months to complete.