Construction of the 22,000-square-foot complex will take about 15 months. The consultant is the local Al-Boorj; the project manager is the US’ Turner International. The client is Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Real Estate Corporation (EREC).

Design and consultancy bids are under evaluation for another EREC contract covering construction of a new ministerial complex in Abu Dhabi. Up to five international and local architectural firms submitted bids by the early-January deadline for the contract.

The bidders include Lebanon’s Khatib & Alami, Abu Dhabi-based KEO International Consultants, Ellerbe Beckett of the US and Canada’s Norr Group Consultants International.

The estimated AED 300 million ($82 million) project involves the construction of five buildings, each of eight storeys, a car park, landscaping and related facilities. The complex, to be located adjacent to the Central Bank of the UAE, will house various federal ministries. It will cover an area of 8,000 square feet and will take 20-24 months to build.