The contracts are among the first to be let in the wastewater sector under the NIDP and are funded by the National Planning Committee. The biggest of the contracts involves the refurbishment and expansion of a wastewater treatment plant in Beida, capital of the Green Mountain region. The expansion will enable the plant, which covers the entire city, to serve a population of 100,000.

A second contract is for the design, construction and two years operation and maintenance of nine new compact wastewater treatment plants serving populations of 5,000-10,000. All nine plants will be based on Biwater’s biCOM range of sewage treatment plants. Construction will be completed in 24 months followed by two years O&M supervision.

The third contract for the Shahat, Massa and Gernada-Faydiah wastewater treatment plants will be completed within 16 months and consists of two biCOM plants, each serving 10,000-30,000 people. The project also covers the refurbishment of an existing plant in Massa, near Beida.