– Turn over any scud missiles and associated biological and chemical warheads or explain what happened to them

– Provide information on Al-Samoud missile technology and related projects, and present any remaining Fahad missiles

– Hand over all materials relating to missiles with a range of over 150 kilometres

– Hand over any remaining chemical and biological munitions, including rocket or missiles warheads, artillery shells and cluster munitions, and provide evidence relating to these programmes

– Provide information on any drones, and hand over any spray tanks or other devices that could be used to spread chemical or biological material

– Present any remaining VX nerve agent or provide evidence of its destruction

– Present any remaining mustard gas or evidence of its destruction

– Present any remaining sarin gas or evidence of its destruction

– Present any remaining anthrax or evidence of its destruction, and provide details on any work to dry anthrax

– Present any remaining stocks of botulinum toxin, complete production records since 1989, and evidence on the number of warheads filled with the toxin

– Present any stocks of undeclared biological warfare agents and information on work on the production of smallpox

– Present any banned chemical or biological agents, precursors, missiles, mobile and underground facilities for such weapons that have been since UN inspectors left Iraq in 1998