The project takes its name from its cuboid structure which has been designed to maximise the use of daylight. Germany’s BRT (Bothe Richter Teherani)is the design consultant. The project is one of several residential projects already announced in DSC; others include Rufi twin towers, Champions towers, Shami tower and Eden Gardens (MEED 30:9:05).

Bidding is accelerating on DSC’s infrastructure and building programme. Bids are now due in late October for DSC’s infrastructure and roads package and the first stadium contract. For the infrastructure package, prospective bidders include Wade Adams Contracting, Al-Muhairy General Contracting Companyand Bin Hafeez General Contracting & Transport Company, all local. The contract includes the construction of the development’s entire road network, irrigation drainage systems, and power distribution network. The 18-month contract is valued at about AED 300 million ($81.6 million).

At least 12 international groups have been invited to submit bids for the second package, covering the main construction contract for S3, the cricket stadium. Contractor prequalifications are also under way for S1, the indoor stadium.

Tenders are also being prepared for the main academies package, which include a number of hostels, academy buildings and a school complex. Fifteen companies have been prequalified for the package.

Lebanon’s Khatib & Alamiis the consultant for the road and infrastructure works. Australia’s Clifton Coney Groupis the project manager for the stadia and Germany’s Architekten von Gerkan, Marg & Partners (GMP)is the architect and designer. DSC is the client (MEED 9:9:05).