The US’ Boeing has delivered a second C-17 Globemaster III to the UAE Air Force.

Boeing is contracted to deliver a total of six C-17s to the UAE. Four will be delivered this year and the remaining two will be delivered in 2012.

The C-17 is the only aircraft capable of performing all of the UAE’s airlift requirements, including strategic and tactical, military and humanitarian, brigade airdrop and aeromedical evacuation. It can also transport payloads long distances without refuelling and operate in extremely hot and cold climates. With a full payload of 77 tonnes, a C-17 can fly 4,444 kilometres and land at 914 metres or less.

“We’re proud to say that UAE 02 is mission-ready,” says Rich Cutting, Boeing UAE C-17 programme manager. “UAE 01, delivered just one month ago, has already logged several missions and that’s what the C-17 is all about –being ready to perform any mission, anywhere on a moment’s notice.”