The site of the new Central Bank of Libya is located in Tripoli, near the city’s Green Belt and 0.5 kilometres from the sea. With excellent road connections, the development has the potential to become one of the city’s most significant destinations. The Central Bank is nestled in a landscaped site that is set to form part of the evolving Green Belt.

The height of the architecture is limited to 50 metres, but reflective pools mirror the building’s image, making it look taller. Water plays an important role as a visual element, together with the green landscaping. Tripoli has a wealth of old and new monuments, and this impressive contemporary building adds to the vocabulary of the 21st century.

Behind the inner glass facade, indentations create lively terraces and social areas

The Central Bank is the embodiment of a determination to strengthen the fundamentals of new Libya’s economy and finance sector. It is based on the vision of building a sound, strong and efficient banking symbol in order to promote economic growth. The monolithic appearance of the structure is designed to reflect security and stability.

Behind the inner glass facade, indentations create lively terraces and social areas, providing a flexible office environment. Amalgamated with sand pigments, the special cladding of the building exterior simulates the natural texture of the geography. It metaphorically represents a desert fortress, offering comfort and protection for its users.

Tranquil environment

The outer shell, in the form of ribs, contains an array of sequential openings in various widths, through which the interior receives efficient daylight while also being shielded from strong sunlight. Articulated with perforations, the concrete ‘embroidery’ allows diffused light to fill the interiors, creating a shady, tranquil environment.

The top terraces host VIP areas, lounges and dining halls. The upper floors also enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The roofless atrium serves as a private patio, allowing users to enjoy the open air, relax and get together informally. The main access point to the building is through a secure gate leading to the lower patio, where there are communal areas open to visitors. There are also cafes, a branch of the bank and meeting rooms.

From this level, vertical access to the building is made possible at two core points. As the check point is secured at this lower level, the aesthetic wholeness of the structure is preserved. At the entrance, the projecting box is coated with a specially designed mesh, providing a strong emblematic signage for the institution. This compartment houses different functions on its five floors and also hosts social areas.