Chakib Abouzaid

Company: Takaful Re
Position: CEO

Biography: Chakib Abouzaid has been CEO of Dubai-based Takaful Re since 2005.

Abouzaid has more than 20 years of experience in the reinsurance and Islamic reinsurance (retakaful) sectors. Prior to joining Takaful Re, Abouzaid served as regional general manager for Middle East and Gulf for Tunis-based retakaful operator Best Re. Abouzaid has a master’s degree in planning & development from Grenoble University in France.

He also has a master’s degree in finance and insurance from the Institute of Development & Finance in Tunis. He is a visiting professor at St Joseph University in Lebanon, where he teaches reinsurance pricing. In 2009, Abouzaid oversaw a significant improvement in Takaful Re’s financial performance.

The firm reported a profit of $10m for 2009, reversing a net loss of $10.6m in the previous year, on the back of a 43 per cent rise in contributions (the takaful version of insurance premiums) to $48.7m.

Contact: (+971) 4 360 0535
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