Charlotte Hebebrand

Organisation:International Fertiliser Industry Association (IFA)
Position: Director-general

Biography: Charlotte Hebebrand was appointed director-general of the IFA in January 2013. Before joining the IFA, she served as chief executive of the Washington-based International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council from 2006-12, where she led efforts to promote a more sustainable global food system.

Hebebrand has also worked with the European Commission, serving as a special advisor in its Washington delegation, and with the Brookings Institute’s foreign policy division. She has a degree from the US’ Georgetown University and a master’s in international relations and economics from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, also in the US.

Hebebrand is also a member of the International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council and a member of the UN Forum on Sustainability Standards advisory panel.

Contact Tel: (+33) 1 5393 0500