Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (Chemaweyaat) will build only one out of a total of 12 planned joint venture petrochemicals complexes at Khalifa Port & Industrial Zone (KPIZ) at Taweelah, and plans to locate the remaining projects at Ras al-Dhbaiah in the emirate’s Western Region.

Chemaweyaat was formed in 2008 to develop a series of new petrochemicals plants in the emirate with local and international partners at a cost of up to $70bn. To date the company, a 40:40:20 joint venture of International Petroleum Investment Company (Ipic), Abu Dhabi Investment Council (Adic) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) had only announced plans to build the industrial city to support its planned projects, Madeenat Chemaweyaat, at KPIZ.

Company literature, however, now shows that only the first $10bn joint venture complex, to be developed by Abu Dhabi Chemicals Integration Company (Tacaamol), which is currently set to be 100 per cent owned by Chemaweyaat, will be built at the port, at the newly named Madeenat Chemaweyaat – Taweelah.

The Tacaamol project will cover a major new petrochemicals complex fed by six million tonnes a year of the gasoline product naphtha and producing a variety of specialist chemicals.

Sources close to Chemaweyaat confirm that this is now the company’s the remaining 11 schemes are to be developed at a new 70 square kilometre industrial city in the Western Region, Madeenat Chemaweyaat – Ras Al-Dhbaiah, which will sit to the east of the existing Ruwais industrial city owned by Adnoc.

“Beyond that, Al-Chemeya is the only future complex under consideration that has actually been named,” says a company spokesman.

Chemaweyaat declined to comment on its decision to locate the remaining projects in the Western Region, but a source close to the company says that it will allow for “more flexibility” when they are under development.

The site will also be integrated into the UAE-wide railway network being planned by federal railway firm Union Railway.

Meanwhile, executives with close ties to Chemaweyaat and the local Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (Adbic) confirm that the two companies are in talks over working together on a petrochemicals scheme. Adbic is currently looking for an engineering firm to help review a proposal made by Chemaweyaat.