The supplemental budget, the largest single package of emergency spending in US history, covers amounts needed for military action, foreign aid, homeland security and a rescue package for US airlines.

The supplemental budget comprises:

Additional Defence Department spending $60,000 million

Iraq reconstruction $2,400 million

US airline bailout package $3,500 million

Additional aid to US regional allies $7,900 million

Other projects $5,200 million

Total $79,000 million

Congress voted that three quarters of the additional budget for the Pentagon would be directed to specific programmes. It gave discretion over Iraq reconstruction spending to the White House. Congress dropped an amendment that would have barred all reconstruction funds from going to French, German or Russian companies. A Senate provision that would have barred German-owned DHL Worldwide Express from carrying US military cargo was watered down. Congress included a provision that would limit the ability of foreign-owned airlines to transport US troops or military supplies.