It comes after Qatar Petroleum (QP) awarded CCC a $600m, 29-month contract in February for the second part of the Phase 2 expansion of the plant (MEED 7:2:08).

Future Pipe Industries, which expects to list on the Dubai International Financial Exchange on 13 April, says its pipes will be used for ground seawater cooling lines and chlorination.

The common cooling project will supply 15.9 million gallons a day (mg/d) to the UK/Dutch Shell Group’s Pearl GTL venture and 42.3 mg/d to ExxonMobil Corporation’s Barzan and Laffan refinery projects. All these projects are joint ventures with QP.

The new recirculation system will provide a temporary connection with the existing cooling system and also supply 491.6 mg/d to the planned Ras Laffan C independent water and power project.

QP is also preparing a further $500m expansion of the common seawater cooling system at Ras Laffan in order to meet expected demand of over 1 million cubic metres of cooling water by 2010 (MEED 29:11:07).