Athens-based Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) is the low bidder with a price of RO29.09m ($75.6m) for the contract to build a sewer network for Oman’s Haya Water in the Muscat Governorate’s Bausher Wilayat.

The second-lowest prices of RO31.4m and RO29.97 were submitted by Dubai-based Arabtec Engineering Services. Kuwait’s United Gulf Construction Company was the other bidder with a price of RO54.80m.

The contract involves building a treated effluent irrigation main and installing a fibre-optic duct with cabling system in the same trench. It will be required to incorporate the work of the previous contractor and provide connections to individual properties.

The project includes the design and construction of 13 minor network pumping stations, with flow rates ranging from 3-120 litres a second, as well as rising mains that will take effluent to a gravity sewer network.

The contract is one of five packages for the Bausher wastewater project. The network will cover an area of 140 square kilometres and will serve about 120,000 people in Bausher’s Al-llam and Al-Qurum suburbs.

The scheme includes the execution and maintenance of a sewage network, lifting stations and pumping stations, as well as a treated sewage effluent (TSE) system. Some minor sections of the programme have been constructed under previous contracts.

Through the project, Haya Water intends to establish an efficient sewerage network to replace the current system of using hundreds of tankers daily to empty septic and holding tanks.