Dubai Ports Authority has invited companies to bid by 10 May for the design supervision consultancy services contract on the Hamriyah Port expansion project in Dubai. The project, to be implemented in two phases, centres on the construction of 2.5 kilometres of new quay wall.

The invited companies include Halcrow, Maunsell, Hi-Point Rendell, all of the UK, and India’s Engineering Consultants PVT.

The first phase will commence in early 2007, and will include the construction of three quays with a combined length of 1.2 kilometres. The second phase will begin in 2008, immediately after the completion of the first phase.

The quay at the Hamriyah fishing port will be expanded by 57 per cent, significantly boosting fishing trade. A seven-storey office building will be constructed on a total built-up area of 16,170 square metres, at an estimated cost of AED 55 million ($15 million).

Also to be constructed at the fishing port are a lodging facility for sailors and workers on a total built-up area of 1,750 square metres, and an 18,858-square-metre boat-building unit. The fishing port will function as an independent unit, and will have a separate entrance. A 175-metre-long yacht quay will also be constructed.