Several local contractors are expected to bid for the $60m-plus contract, which covers the installation, testing and pre-commissioning of a pipeline between the Hubara compressor station and the Marmul oil field, and another pipeline between Harweel and Marmul.

The work involves converting the existing 84-kilometre oil pipeline between Marmul and the Nimr field, and adding a new 75-kilometre section between Nimr and Hubara.

The contract also calls for the installation of a gas export pipeline between Harweel and Marmul. Contractors expect to submit commercial bids in the first week of October.

Other facilities covered in the contract include two block valve stations between Harbura and the Amal field, receivers and launchers, tie-ins, and pressure reduction stations. PDO says it will procure the line pipe, valves, flanges and couplings with any other equipment supplied by the winning bidder (MEED 29:4:08).