Corodex, part of the local Concorde-Corodex Group, has completed work on three wastewater treatment plants in Abu Dhabi emirate.

Two of the plants are in Mafraq. One has capacity of 50,000 cubic metres a day (cm/d) and the other 30,000 cm/d. A third plant in Al-Ain has capacity of 15,000 cm/d.

Corodex has completed construction and is now commissioning all three plants. The client on all three plants was the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company.

The 50,000-cm/d plant in Mafraq is an extension of an existing facility and will use sequential batch reactor technology. The other two plants will use membrane bioreactor technology. After the effluent is treated at the plants, it will be discharged safely into the sea or used for irrigation.