International contractors have been given until 14 September to submit bids to the General Establishment of Syrian Railways (SRE) for a contract to build a 35-kilometre railway line from Tripoli on the coast to the northern border town of Aboudeyeh.

SRE released in late August an international tender for the contract to build the 1,435-millimetre-gauge track on the route of the former coastal freight line from the port of Tripoli to Al-Abdah, Tal Abbas and Aboudeyeh, where it crosses the border and connects with the Syrian rail network.

The project will take about a year and the successful contractor is expected to start work simultaneously at several locations along the route. Prices can be submitted in yen, euros or Syrian pounds and bids are expected to be opened on 22 September.

The complex project involves the removal of derelict structures, including bridge piles, from the original track as well as the construction of bridges, road crossings, sea walls, earthworks and track. Project sources say there is at least one major bridge on the route. The contractor is also required to remove and relocate agricultural soil.