Phase 3 will add a further 1.7 million cubic metres a day (cm/d) to the vast water conveyance system. It comprises two main elements – the Jagboub extension to Tobruk and the development of a new wellfield in the Khufra region. The tendering process for the 400-kilometre Jagboub scheme, the prioritised element of the third phase, is now expected to take place by mid-2003 at the earliest. The Jagboub extension will supply 140,000 cm/d of water to the coastal city of Tobruk and its environs.

The GMR was conceived in the early 1980s as a solution to the depletion of coastal aquifers and is the largest water conveyance scheme in the world. Some $15,000 million has already been invested in the first two phases of the project, which together have a design capacity to transfer a total of 4.5 million cm/d to coastal cities from the desert aquifers.