Basra Investment Commission has approved a proposal from the US’ Dow Chemical to build an estimated $100m solid waste and wastewater treatment plant in the southern Iraqi province.

Dow Chemical’s Kuwait branch will develop the project, according to AKnews agency. The company, which already has plants in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will install facilities to treat waste and wastewater from industrial processes in Basra.

River water, which has been polluted by industry, will be treated and recycled. High-saline ground water will be converted into safe water for drinking and irrigation.

Tawfiq al-Manei, company adviser and director of the International Bureau of Consultancy and Economic Studies, said: “We chose Basra because of its multiple benefits, most importantly the geographical location for the State of Kuwait.

“The rate of waste in Basra reaches to 2,000 tons a year which makes us in dire need for such projects to recycle and treat waste and improve the environmental situation in Basra.”