The project is one of the most controversial as it involves disrupting traffic on Sheikh Zayed road, the main highway through the emirate, and passes through Safa Park and the residential areas of Al-Wasl and Jumeirah 2.

The first contract involves mar-ine works for the 3.2-kilometre channel that will add to the existing creek extension in Business Bay across Sheikh Zayed road, along the northern edge of Safa Park. From there, it will cross Al-Wasl road, pass through Jumeirah 2 and cross Jumeirah Beach road and Jumeirah Beach park before entering the Gulf.

The contract includes the excavation of the waterway, a 100-metre diaphragm in the Al-Wasl road area, quay walls and breakwaters at the entrance to the Gulf. Floating pontoon ferry terminals will be built adjacent to the Sheikh Zayed road crossing and at the coast. The work is due to take three years.

The second contract, for two-and-a-half years, involves the construction of two bridges to take Sheikh Zayed road over the new waterway. Each bridge will have seven lanes in each direction and will be approximately 610 metres long and 36 metres wide, with 8.5 metres of clearance from the water below.

The consultant on the project is the US/UK joint venture of Parsons International and Halcrow (MEED 15:12:06).