The vast majority of expatriate children in Oman attend one of the country’s fee-paying private schools.

Most private schools are located in and around Muscat and are independent, but some schools have been set up by large local companies primarily for the children of their employees, including the PDO School in Muscat, which was founded by Petroleum Development Oman, and the Al-Batinah International School, which was set up by Sohar Aluminium in the southwest of the country.

The school year runs from mid-August to late June and the school day tends to start at about 8am and end before 3pm. There can be waiting lists for places in the more popular schools, so it is wise to apply as early as you can to your chosen school.

Private schools can teach the Omani national curriculum, the curriculum of their ‘home’ countries or the international baccalaureate, so your preference on this point will likely dictate the choice of schools you have. The schools are typically attended by children from a broad range of nationalities and teaching tends to be co-educational. Most of the teaching is in English, although there are schools that use other European and Asian languages, depending on the main community they are serving.

Schools often provide education from kindergarten through to the end of secondary level. Fees for kindergarten start at RO2,000 ($5,200) a year. Primary school fees start at RO2,500 a year and secondary school is liable to cost at least RO4,000 a year, but in all cases there are some schools that will charge considerably more than that.

Third-level education is the remit of the Ministry of Higher Education. Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat was the first public university in Oman and began enrolling students in 1986. It runs undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of subjects.

The first private university was Sohar University, which gained that status in 2000 and is affiliated with the University of Queensland in Australia. There are now some 26 private third-level institutions, many of which have links to universities in other countries.

Key contacts

Ministry of Education

Tel: (+968) 2 477 5209


Ministry of Higher Education

Tel: (+968) 2 478 3555


Selected schools in Oman

American British Academy

Tel: (+968) 2 460 3646


The American International School of Muscat

Tel: (+968) 2 459 5180


Al-Batinah International School (Sohar)

Tel: (+968) 2 685 0001


The British School Muscat

Tel: (+968) 2 460 0842


Ecole Francaise de Mascate

Tel: (+968) 2 459 6600


Gulf International School

Tel: (+968) 2 469 8739


Indian School al-Ghubra

Tel: +968 2 449 1587


Indian School Muscat

Tel: (+968) 2 470 2567


International School of Choueifat

Tel: (+968) 2 453 4000


Muscat International School

Tel: (+968) 2 456 5550


Pakistan School Muscat

Tel: (+968) 2 470 2489


PDO School

Tel: (+968) 2 467 7279


Qurum Private School

Tel: (+968) 2 456 2543


Royal Flight School

Tel: (+968) 2 451 6444


The Sultan’s School

Tel: (+968) 2 453 6777


Teaching & Learning Communities International School

Tel: (+968) 2 461 3939