Edward Hanley

Position: CEO and president, Tatweer Petroleum/Occidental Petroleum Bahrain

Biography: Edward Hanley has been working for the US’ Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) since 1978 and is now responsible for its Bahrain operations. This remit includes heading Tatweer Petroleum, in which Oxy is a shareholder. Tatweer Petroleum is responsible for the upstream operations of the Bahrain Field.

This includes the Bahrain Redevelopment Project, which involves drilling new wells and implementing enhanced oil recovery techniques at the field. Hanley has had a varied career at Oxy, working in several locations. He started his career in the US at the Elk Hills oil field and became the business team leader of Oxy’s southern region operations in the US, as well as the reservoir engineering manager for the US Gulf coast region.

Hanley then moved to the Middle East as vice-president of operations in a Qatari firm. He has a doctorate in engineering from Purdue University in the US.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 714 8000